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The Catch Series Finale Recap: Mockingbird Really Revealed

When ABC cancelled The Catch Thursday, it effectively changed Ben and Alices fate from fun-and-kicky! to tragically unresolved. The Season 2 finale which now will serve as a series finale ends with Ben hopping a private jet out of the country to avoid getting hauled in by the FBI (led by a very ticked-off Justine). [] //

The Catch Recap 3/16/17: Season 2 Episode 2 “The Hammer”

Margo hires Val and Alice to figure out who killed her lieutenant and is now trying to kill her. She offers then a half a million dollars and Alice is able to get the old team back together. Ben and Rhys meet with Agent Diaz and get their first case. The team gets a lead on Tommy’s case. They realize the Kincaids where using an alias and they hope they can use this information to find out who killed them. Val and Alice search Margo’s house for clues. Tommy makes dinner for Ben, Rhys and Alice. It doesn’t go well. Val tells Margo that her three missing lieutenants are all dead. Ben apologizes for inviting Rhys over for dinner. They fight and Ben leaves. Tommy overhears that Alice doesn’t trust him. Alice goes to Margo’s house and they discuss trust. Both agree they do not have any for anyone. Ben and Rhys start working on their first case. The team figure out that the Kincaids were actually the Murpheys. Alice and Val get a report on the bullet used to kill Margo’s lieutenant and realize that a paid assassin named The Hammer is the person trying to kill Margo. READ MORE...

The Catch Premiere Recap 3/9/17: Season 2 Episode 1 “The New Deal”

Ben is in his cell dreaming of Alice and is then led to meet with Alice in the visiting room. She says she has to get Margo so he can be free. He tells her to leave Margo alone. Switch to Margo entering a board room. Several men at the table text and ignore her as she speaks. She calls on one of the men and shoots him. All the men then give Margo their full attention. Alice and Val give a prospective client a tour of their offices but he is concerned that the company is still under investigation by the FBI. Val answers they aren’t while at the same time Alice says they are. The client decides not to go with their firm. A call comes in that someone broke into Alice’s house and she immediately thinks it is Margo but it is actually Alice’s brother, Tommy. He needs Alice’s help. Someone has put 3 million dollars in a bank account with his name on it and now the IRS wants him to pay taxes on it. He needs help finding the money and to figure out what is going on. Ben meets with the FBI and is told he could get out of prison tomorrow but he has to work undercover. Ben isn’t sure. Tommy, Alice and Val try to figure out who would know his social security number. The FBI meet with Alice and Val to let them know Ben has taken their deal. Alice is not happy. READ MORE...

'The Catch' finale recap: 'The Happy Couple' / 'The Wedding'

Wedding bells, murderous mothers, and handcuffs...   Read More... //

'The Catch' Season 1 Finale: A Wedding and an Arrest

On the final two episodes of season 1 of The Catch , ("The Happy Couple" and "The Wedding") Margot and Rhys' mother arrives with a con of her own in the works and Ben works with AVI to take down the Kensington Firm, but things don't go exactly as planned.   Ben and Dao tell Alice that Ben has agreed to become a C.I. (confidential informant) and will be spying on his good friend Rhys for the Feds. Alice also learns that Rhys knows all about her which explains Ben's sudden change of heart. Alice questions what Ben is getting out of the deal, and it's a reduced sentence. She insists that Dao give Ben blanket immunity which seems unreasonable given Ben's years of illegal activity. He may not be a murderer, but he's still a criminal. Alice digs in her heels, but Ben gets a text from Rhys, and while Dao is hesitant to just let Ben walk, they can't risk him blowing his cover either.   Read More... //

The Catch Season Finale: Happily Ever After?

Even without a big cliffhanger, The Catch closes its first season with a strong finale.   Read More... //

'The Catch' recap: 'The Package'

My Big Fat Greek Counterfeiting Scam....   Read More... //

'The Catch' Recap: Margot Learns of Ben's Betrayal

On this episode of The Catch , "The Package," Margot learns that Ben's been lying to her all along. Reggie, Rhys and Ben attempt to abduct a counterfeiter, but their plans fall apart thanks to Margot. AVI helps a young singer being exploited by her producer. Ben makes a choice.   So how did Margot manage to take on the identity of Alice's new therapist, Jessica Philips? After learning from Rhys that Ben has been seeing Alice, brother and sister put aside their own differences to work towards a common goal: getting rid of a potential threat to the Kensington Firm. Neither wants to kill her outright, knowing if they do, Ben will never forgive and forget, and they both covet the handsome con-man. Margot does some online reconnaissance, learns about Alice's upcoming inaugural therapy appointment, pays off the real Jessica Philips and has now inserted herself securely in a position to learn all of Alice's secrets.   Read More... //

'The Catch' recap: 'The Ringer'

All bets are off..  Read More... //

'The Catch' Recap: Rhys Betrays Margot and Ben

On this episode of The Catch , "The Ringer," Rhys continues to investigate Ben's relationship with Alice while setting up a new con. Alice searches for a missing child with Val and issues an ultimatum with Ben.   Alice and Ben have fallen back into a very couple-y morning routine, only now Ben's secret is very much out in the open. They can't stay away from each other which leaves Alice wondering what do they do next? Ben's a thief, and she can't trust him. Ben suggests they could still run away together. After all, he does still owe her a wedding. But the people Ben work for would come looking not only for Ben but for Alice as well. Little do they know, Rhys is already doing just that. Read More... //