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'Call the Midwife' recap: 'Holiday Special'

Before there can be tidings of comfort and joy this Christmas, the nurses must tend to Poplar's ever-present heartache... //

Call the Midwife recap: Episode 8

The fourth season comes to a close as Trixie spearheads change in both her personal life and in traditional childbirth practices.   Read More... //

'Call the Midwife' recap: Episode 7

When a fire breaks out at the maternity home, Sister Evangelina makes a grave error that will forever change the lives of two new sets of parents.   Read More... //

'Call the Midwife' recap: Episode 6

"Spinster" nurse Phyllis Crane reveals her dark past as she tries to help a pregnant diabetic teen and the juvenile delinquent who loves her.   Read More... //

'Call the Midwife' recap: Episode 5

A baby's delayed bone-disease diagnosis causes his parents to be suspected of abusebut their Christian Scientist beliefs pose an even bigger ethical question.   Read More... //

'Call the Midwife' recap: Episode 4

Women's empowerment is alive and well in 1960 Poplar, but for some, it comes at a painful expense.   Read More... //

'Call the Midwife' recap: Episode 3

A closeted gay man is arrested for gross indecency, igniting a conversation among the Nonnatus House residents about what constitutes a crime in 1960 London.   Read More... //

'Call the Midwife' recap: Episode 2

Spring has arrived in Poplar, and with it comes more secrets and heartbreak for the nuns and midwives.   Read More... //

'Call the Midwife' season 4 premiere recap

The heartwarming series returns with a tearjerker, natch.   Read More... //

'Call the Midwife' recap: Christmas Special

It's Christmas 1959 in London's East End, and change is coming for the midwives of Nonnatus Houseonce again as a new decade approaches.   Read More... //