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BrainDead Was 'Probably a Mistake to Do' on a Broadcast Network, Says EP

BrainDead may have been a little too outside the box for CBS. Speaking to reporters Monday at the Television Critics Association winter press tour, exec producer Robert King was asked what lessons he learned in the wake of the offbeat political dramedys demise after just one season. Avoid satire, he responded with a laugh. It [] //

BrainDead, American Gothic Canceled By CBS After 1 Season Each

CBS has axed summer dramas BrainDead and American Gothic after one season each, TheWrap has learned. Both dramas debuted to disappointing ratings this summer before coming to an end in September. Of the networks scripted summer series, only Zoo remains on the air. The TV adaptation of the James Patterson novel was renewed for Season 3 in August. Created by The Good Wife duo Robert and Michelle King and ordered straight-to-series last July, BrainDead came as part of CBSs push into scripted fare for the summer. However, the Mary Elizabeth Winstead -led drama only managed 4.5 million viewers and a 0.7 rating in its June premiere. ...Read More... //

BrainDead creators reveal which character they almost killed off

The minds behind "The Good Wife" chat about their show that put space bugs into the minds of politicians. Robert and Michelle King revealed which character they almost killed off on "BrainDead" and what the prospects are for a second season.  Read More... //

BrainDead finale preview: What will the space bugs and our favorite wacky characters do next?

"BrainDead," the wacky thriller from "The Good Wife" creators Michelle and Robert King, wraps up its first season on CBS this Sunday. HitFix chatted with the Kings about what we can expect from the final two hours of their series about extraterrestrial bugs eating politicians' brains. ...Read More... //

Behind BrainDeads Very Unusual Previously On Segments

"Its strange to take something that has such a utilitarian purpose and make it entertainment." ...  Read More... //

CBS Moves Braindead To Sundays During Conventions; Scorpion To Air Mondays

CBS is tweaking its primetime schedule during the upcoming Republican and Democrat National Conventions. Braindead , the networks new comic-thriller series set in the world of Washington, DC politics (appropriate for convention weeks), is moving to Sundays beginning July 24 at 10 PM, replacing re-broadcasts of Elementary. It will have a lead-in from Madam Secretary , another show with a political bent. Drama series Scorpion will air Monday (9-10 PM, ET/PT) on July 18 and ...  Read More.... //

Mary Elizabeth Winstead Reflects on How Past Roles Prepared Her for 'BrainDead'

"Laurel is definitely a piece of almost everything I've ever played," the actress tels THR about her previous roles have influenced her current one on the CBS comic-thriller.   Read More... //

BrainDead: Which Star Auditioned for a Role on Glee?

If you are like me, you probably are still mourning the ending ofThe Good Wife.Lucky for everyone, CBS has treated us to a new guilty pleasure from Robert and Michelle King calledBrainDead.The series may not be anything likeThe Good Wife,but it still has a tone that still helps to fillthe void.BrainDeadhas many familiar faces in its cast including Tony Shalhoub and Dann Pino. Here are four fun facts about the shows stars. Mary Elizabeth Winsteads First Major TV Role was onPassions Mary Elizabeth Winstead, who plays Laurel on BrainDead,has been acting for almost 20 years! Her first big break came ....  Read More... //

Here's the Story Behind BrainDead's Delightfully Wacky "Previously On..." Song

You may have noticed something during Monday's episode...   Read More... //

Mary Elizabeth Winstead: BrainDead Features 'Weirdest Scene' of My Career

For the stars of BrainDead (airing Mondays at 10/9c), the reasons for signing onto CBS new summertime folly pretty much fall into two columns. But little did they suspect that they would also get pulled into perhaps the most bizarre scenes of their careers. To recap the comedic-thrillers premise: alien bugs are creeping into the [] //